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URGENT: Posting only possible in periods 2022/05 and 2022/04 in company code D200- ERROR getting GR

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Please help guys

Posting only possible in periods 2022/05 and 2022/04 in company code D200

Message No. M7053


The posting date entered is not within one of the permitted posting periods (current period/previous period).

This can be due to one of two reasons:

  • The correct current period has not been set in the system.
    For the system, the first of the entered periods is the current period. At the beginning of a new period, your systems administrator must change the current period in the material master record, using the function "Shift periods". This has not yet been done.
  • You have entered a wrong date in the field "Posting date".


Check the posting date and correct it if necessary. If your input is correct, inform your systems administrator that the "period shifting" (period-end closing) process has not yet been completed.

In MIGO Screen:

In OMSY Screen

I Maintained Posting dates as per omsy screen.

Please help out

Thanks in advance

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Product and Topic Expert
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There are lots of answers in the forum. Just search this in the Web:

M7053 migo

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Posting periods 4th and 5th on year 2022 may be opened your company code D200 but you need to clarify yourself and verify which fiscal year variant assigned to your company code D200 in transaction code OBY6 and based on fiscal year variant ( K4 or V3 or V6 or V9) the posting of document allowed else system prompts error message as like yours. For more refer Impact of fiscal year in co.code on document posting

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Product and Topic Expert
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Check the periods in MMRV for your company code and if they correspond to your current periods. Also check the posting period variants assigned to your company code. Now in OB52, check if the relevant periods are open for account type M and S for the posting period variant.

Thanks & Regards

Sanil Bhandari

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The error message is because MM period's are not open, please use transction code MMRV to display the open periods and MMPV to open the period.