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Urgent : GR for reprocess order

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Hi all gurus,

My problem is regarding reprocess order in process industry.

I am creating reprocess order with T.Code CORO (without material) using separate order type in which I select respective material recipe number.

After going to create screen I fill reprocess quantity and dates.

Then it asks me for distribution rule in which we are selecting order. Here we are entering old regular order number.

Then in material components we are putting that reprocessing finish product quantity with other required processing materials. After doing release it allows me to save.

Then we issues materials to that order with MB1A .it reduces stocks.

Then we confirm that order with T.Code CORK.

After that when we goes to goods receipt through MIGO, it does not shows any selectable item for that order.

System is saying that u should on the Goods receipt indicator which is goods receipt tab in that respective process order where it shows me goods receipt, non valuated indicator on.

My problem is that we want to do goods receipt for that reprocess order so that stock should be updated with that quantity.

So please help me what should we do for that.

Please give in details.

Is our procedure is correct or not ?

Hoping for detail answer ………..

With regards,


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Reprocess order GR is not possible. You need to do the GR for original order.

Procedure is as below

create a original order

confirm with GR the original order with qty 5 as yield and 5 as rework order, system will create reprocess order for 5 qty.

Confirm the rework order. and do the GR to original order.

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here we create finish product suppose Glucose of 10 kg quantity with original order type PI01 with T.Code COR1.

then after all we do GR of confirmed order to storage location.

and we want to do reprocess all 10 kg of glucose due to some parameters.

so we are creating another reprocess order.and for this order issuing original Glucose finish product and another material say 'X'.

how we can do it ?

where we can put reprocess quantity in CORK (confirmation).

please provide details.....

thanks for first valuable answer.


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You better create a new normal order as the GR cannot be done for reporcess order i.r. order w/o material.

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The only option is that in the reprocess order enter Glucose material 10kg in negative quantity so that you can recieve the material during MB1A itself as Bi-Product using movement type 531.