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Upload function for mass creation of serial numbers at GR

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Dear all,

While for MIGO it is possible to upload a file or paste several serial numbers at goods receipt, I wonder whether this function is also available in the new fiori apps. I'm missing that function in the Fiori app Post goods receipt (F0843). It only offers creation manually, automatically or assign existing ones. And for the existing ones, I need to create them either in Manage Material Serial Numbers (F6879) or Create Material Serial Number (IQ04), where I also don't have an upload or paste option. Kindly asking for your expertise.

Many thanks.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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The following SAP Fiori apps have been enhanced to support serial numbers in the goods receipt process (refer blog - for more details)

Stock- Multiple Materials

Stock – Single Material

Post Goods Receipt for Purchasing Document

Post Goods Receipt for Production Order

Material Documents Overview

Post Goods Receipt for Inbound Delivery

Post Goods Receipt without Reference

In addition to these, three more SAP Fiori apps support serial numbers in the goods receipt process:

Manage Stock

Transfer Stock – In Plant

Transfer Stock – Cross Plant

In the blog mentioned above, there is demo video where you can see how an inventory manager carries out an initial entry of stock balances for a serialized product. The app allows the user to assign up to 10,000 serial numbers at a time for the following stock types:

Unrestricted-use stock

Blocked stock

Stock in Quality Inspection

Three options for assigning serial numbers are available:

Automatic creation of serial numbers

Assign existing serial numbers

Copy and paste serial numbers from a spreadsheet into the serial numbers field of the app

Hope this helps!


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