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Upgrade Wizard in 8.8 SP00 PL12 - Status "Not Ready" so db's can't upgrade

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I have upgraded one company db to version 880230 and it works fine. I would like to upgrade the others now, but receive a "Not Ready" in the Status column. If you click on the "Not Ready" status to get details, it says "Make sure that the company database is not connected to any SAP Business One or Microsoft SQL Server client."

1. I have run the Upgrade.exe with "Run as administrator" privileges. I'm using Vista 32bit OS.

2. The Localization of the database that I'm wanting to upgrade is the same as the one I've already upgraded.

3. No other services except for the License Manager is running

4. SAP Business One client is not open or running.

5. Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio is not running

6. Remote Support Platform is not configured for any databases.

7. B1i Platform is running Dashboards for the already upgraded company db only.

Does anyone have any ideas to try or has had the same issue?

Thanks and regards,


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Dear George,

To see the list of connections to a particular database, you can use SQL Server Management Studio.

1. Start the SQL Server Management Studio and connect it to the MS SQL database server.

2. Open "Activity monitor" and check the list of connected applications.

3. Properly close all the applications listed in the activity monitor (including the SQL Server Management Studio), the SAP Business One upgrade wizard should be able to continue and upgrade your databases.\

What we will deliver in some of the next patches (patch 13 or higher)

- The upgrade wizard will display a list of all connected applications and users automatically if it identifies existing connections to databases selected for upgrade.