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Upgrade SBO 6.5 to 2004 A

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I have recieved the 2004 upgrade, i have a data base in which I have created severel tables in SQL directly, and there is no way to update this data base to see it in SBO, he give's me an error.. " imposible to make the upgrade, there are temporal Tables".

Has any one the same problem, or heard about something similar.


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Natalia, we already saw that you followed the correct procedure and you had opened a Message to our support. How ever and just as reference for other people i will point out where to find the information regarding upgrades:

In the SMB Portal under Solutions --> Documentation --> Implementation. On the left side you will find a document named "Upgrade Guide"

Here a brief description why this error message is sent:


See SAP Note 663929 for the most updated information.


In an attempt to upgrade SAP Business One database, the following error message is displayed: "Temporary tables found in database".

Reason and Prerequisites

During the database upgrade process, each SAP Business One table is re-created. The tables are re-created as follows:

1. The table is renamed to Temp_table (for example, Temp_OINV).

2. A new table is created (for example, OINV).

3. Records from the Temp_table are copied into the new table.

4. The temporary table is dropped.

In case problems occur during the upgrade, the system might fail to drop the temporary tables and/or copy records from temporary tables to new tables and as a result, the error message: "Temporary tables found in database" is displayed and the database upgrade is blocked.

The most common cause for this problem is changes in the original table structure which were made by the user (Field Size, Field Type etc.).


The size of the field Bank Name in the table ODSC (Banks Codes) is 32 characters long.

The user had changed the size to 40 characters. The user enters values which are longer than 32 characters into the Bank Name field.

After an upgrade, the table is re-created and the field Bank Name is changed back to its original size (32 characters).

The results are

• SAP Business One fails to copy values which are longer than 32 characters from the temporary table into the new table.

• SAP Business One fails to drop the temporary table.

• SAP Business One documents the failure details into the table CULG in the Company database.

• SAP Business One creates a log file – UpgradeLog. This log file is stored in SAP Business One's folder, where the database upgrade process took place.


Contact your support center in order to resolve the problem. Attach the log file UpgradeLog to your message.

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