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Updating ItemCode in OITM (Item Master) table

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Hi Experts,

I am trying to update the ItemCode in OITM based on a temporary table we created in SQL with 2 simple columns (OldCode and NewCode).

Basically, we are trying to change the ItemCodes in OITM if they exist in OldCode and set value to NewCode.

My concern is that should we also take into account other tables or is it sufficient to modify ItemCode in OITM without affecting the system?

Thanks for you advice.

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Direct updating system table like OITM is not allowed. ItemCode will be everywhere in the system, You may never be manually replace all itemcode without problem.

SAP support policy clearly specified no one should directly update system tables. If you do, you risk losing SAP support.



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it is better to make another Database.because there are nos of table linked with OITM or if you can use another field for new code then it is ok in existing database company.



Manvendra Singh Niranjan