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update was terminated for VA01

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Hi All,

when i m creating sales order after all filling the details...thru the time of saving im getting the errror .update was terminated...i checked table VBAK...

the error is as :

Update was terminated

System ID.... DEV

Client....... 100

User..... SD_CONS

Transaction.. VA01

Update key... 5A4939DE9A6CF15E875E00215E2F70C6

Generated.... 05.05.2009, 13:24:29

Completed.... 05.05.2009, 13:24:30

Error Info... SSFCOMPOSER 001: Internal error: (FORM = &1, ID = &2, RC = &3)

the details from SM13

User: SD_CONS Client: 100 Transaction: VA01

Date: 05.05.2009 Time: 13:24:29 Report: SAPMV45A

Update key: 5A4939DE9A6CF15E875E00215E2F70C6 Status: Error


Please suggest me what to do im stuck...


C Singh.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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There is problem with the smartform that is assigned to the order.

Remove the output type or Select the option 3 in despatch mode before saving the sale order. Then it should get saved.

Please check with the ABAPer... whether the windows in the smartform are properly fit or not.



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Thanks. for ur prompt reply....

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Hi Singh,

Update termination happens due to somany reasons.

If the error info in the SM13 is SSFCOMPOSER and update FM is RV_MESSAGE_UPDATE mode V1 , then the problem with the smartform (OUTPUT) only.


Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Did this happen when you tried to create a Purchase request from Sales Order ? If yes, then it is an inconsistency in the PR table, which has to be removed manually. Run the program


This will show the inconsistencies in the PR table and remove them also. This should solve the problem.