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Hi all,

i have a problem here.. This is regarding the customized table for mapping between update type in CFM and consolidation transaction type. Fyi, i realized that one update type can be sharable between many product type for example: DBT_B006 (Forex Gain (planned outflow)) which can be shareable between loan transaction and normal money market > fixed term deposit (which currently our loan and fixed term deposit fall under same product group but different product type. The mapping of consol ttype currently only needed for GL account which come from loan transaction.

Actually, for normal implementation of consol ttype at GL level, we already did the validation at FI part (OB28) which is to mandatorize the transaction type for selected balance sheet account and the loan account already in there. My question is that, is the validation will 'work' if we implement this mapping table? If yes then i think no need for me to worry for the update type being sharable, but if not then i might need to think another solution to differentiate it.

Is there anyway that we can differentiate between update type between normal money market and loan transaction? Or just add it to the customized table and differentiate it by product type, but im a bit afraid it might cause a trouble that I've might mis-looked.

Appreciate your soonest feedback.


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If you have done validation at FI side, it will work when you are posting from Treasury. It will not allow you to post through in Treasury if the validation condition is not satisfied.

At the line item level, you can implement the validation for mapping the transaction type with selected balance sheet account.

In case if you want to differentiate the update type, as Mani suggested, you need to create a new position management procedure and then assign that PMP to your product type and then use new update types. Also for your operational update types, you need to create a new update type. This will involve a lot of activities to be done.

Instead you can do the validation in OB28 or else use a custom validation check for treasury documents in the BAdI TPM_ACCIF_TRAC.



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You can use different position management procedures for the different product types and assign different update types.