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Update button of VA02 tcode should trigger automatically

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I want the update button on VA02 tcode to trigger automatically & select the pricing type 'C' and perform the pricing recalculation & then SD document should get saved. Need to solution for this, let me know whether it can be achieved by a custom program with FM, or if there is any enhancement BADI / USER EXIT that can be used to achieve it.

Note: Just consider whatever the update button does when pricing type 'C' selected on the pricing conditions tab, that needs to be done automatically either by external program or by enhancement on standard code. Don't consider regarding the sales order, I will pass it via a custom program or will enter manually in VA02 tcode.

It will be useful if I get the solution based on ABAPer perspective so that I can relate & complete it.

Note: there will be no manual changes done on VA02 tcode.

Please help me at the earliest as it is very urgent.


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Try these steps,

Identify a suitable user exit or BADI that gets triggered when the pricing type is changed in VA02 transaction. For example, you can use the user exit USEREXIT_PRICING_PREPARE_TKOMP or the BADI BADI_SD_COND_TYPE.

Implement the user exit or BADI to set the pricing type 'C' automatically. This can be done by modifying the appropriate fields or structures.

Implement the user exit or BADI to trigger the pricing recalculation automatically. You can use the function module PRICING_UPDATE to perform the pricing recalculation.

Implement the user exit or BADI to automatically save the SD document. You can use the function module BAPI_SALESORDER_CHANGE to save the SD document.