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Understanding Costing at Sales Order in Make to Order Process

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I need to understand the concept and sales order costing in make to order production process.

Actually, I have configured a pricing procedure with condition types VPRS and EK02.

VPRS gives the standard stock value of the material which is maintained in material master (totally understandable). However, value of EK02 deviates from value of VPRS. There is always some value difference between the two.

My first question "why"?

Second: When i create sales order and save, it generates a value against condition type EK02. Before even MRP is executed. My understanding is that EK02 should bring those values which are being calculated during production or procurement of BOM material (Raw, Semi finished materials) or activities performed against that specific sales order.

Or should I run the cost again once production is done?

Thank you for your support.

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You can refer below post for your query:

- VPRS, EK01 (Actual Cost) and EK02 (Calculated Cost)

EK02 is a calculated cost. based on your product costing. The cost would include product, activity and overheads.

should I run the cost again once production is done?

Not required. As your requirement type will take care of that.

Not to forget, the requirement type getting determined in sales order will also play a vital role in the costing.