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Unable to Remove field using Adapt UI in "My Purchase Requisition - New" App.

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adapt-ui-selection.jpgDear Experts,

We are trying to Adapt UI for "My Purchase Requisition - New" App.

The Requirement of the Business is as follows: Hide the Material Valuation Details from the App Main screen as well as from the screen once you select and enter a Purchase Requisition to maintain price confidentiality. Kindly find the attached screenshot "Valuation Price" in which the Field to be hidden/removed is marked in Red. valuation-price.jpg

Current Status: We have been successful in Removing the Valuation Details from the Purchase Requisition Details Screens but are unable to remove it from the Main Screen of the App, After you press "Right click" the only available option is to "Rearrange Toolbar" and it does not contain any Table Headers which need to be hidden/removed. Kindly find the attached screenshot "Adapt UI Selection".

Can someone guide us on how to hide the valuation data from the Main screen Table.

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Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Dear Ashish

As per my understanding there is no possibility currently to change the UI / remove the fields in the home page of My purchase requisition new app. But Please try the BADI MM_PUR_S4_PR_FLDCNTRL_SIMPLE

You can use this BADI to modify the properties of different fields that appear on the user interface of purchase requisition apps. You can make the fields hidden, read-only, mandatory, or optional as per your requirements.

Business context- Procurement: Purchase Requisition Item


Sahil Grover

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