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Unable to post stock from Quality to Unrestricted

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We have issue with the quantity not updated in the Inspection lot stock tab in UD.

Against the Process Order, GR is done and using QA32 they transfer the stock from Quality to unrestricted sock.Due to recurring inspection,the stock is now moved to Quality with new inspection lot. Now the stock is in Quality.

UD is not done.

User try to post the stock to unrestricted of  actual quantity i.e 624.500. System is showing To be posted as " 0" as highlighted below.

We Tried MB1B option to transfer the stock from quality to unrestricted, but system is not allowing.

Kindly suggest to resolve the issue as customer want to ship the qty immediately.

Thanks all for the help in advance.


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Answers (1)

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What does the MMBE show as far as the stock goes?  Is it in QI stock? Your 09 was created a while ago.  Back in May or June.  Is that when the 04 was done too?

It looks like a lot where the lot was created in advance of the  actual inspection date but the flag was set to not post to QI until the next inspection date.

Is this a normal process for this material?  I.e. are you regularly reinspecting this material or was this an anomaly?