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Unable to know the which Updates in BusinessOne

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Hi all,

I want to know about the Updations made to EmployeeMasterData, SalesPersonMasterData in BusinessOne. I can know the updations made to CustomerMasterData, ItemsMasterData based on the UpdateDate Field in the database of the corresponding tables. But there is no updatedate field for EmployeeMaster Table and SalesPerson master table. how can i know that these details are updated in BusinessOne. Is there any table which contains all the updates objects details ?

I have a confusion that what is the Relation between the USER, EMPLOYEE and SALESPERSON in BusinessOne. Can anybody explain me about this relation? Like Salesperson is assigned to Employee like that.....? Who is the superior among these three? what are the roles for the USER and EMPLOYEE etc....

Thanks in Advance,


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Product and Topic Expert
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1. if you need to know about updates you can listen to

the DB, DI Event Service makes this very easy for you.

You can download it here from SDN.

2. re relations. B1DE contains a tool called B1 DB Browser

that shows you all the relationships between tables.

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