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Unable to create TO from TR with Background Putaway in Warehouse

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Hello SCN!!

I have created a PO and posted MIGO - GR for a material. While creating a Transfer requirement against the material document system is throwing an error with message as Data for storage type search not defined of Message no: L3007 with Putaway background.

Can anybody help in resolving the error. I've been trying to resolve the error checked all the configuration objects which seems to be fine but still unable to resolve the error.



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Answers (2)

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Hello yeshwanth_polishetti

First, the problem you're facing is during transfer order creation not during transfer requirement creation.

Message L3007 indicates problem with destination storage type search strategy. The strategy is defined in configuration: Logistics Execution -> Warehouse Management -> Strategies -> Activate Storage Type Search. It's driven among others by "Storage type indicator for stock placement" field defined in Warehouse Management 1 view of material master. In SAP standard configuration this field is optional. Thus the most common cause of the error is that this field is not maintained in the material master.

You can try to create a transfer order online with a reference to the material document - transaction LT06 - or with a reference to the transfer requirement - transaction LT04. You'll find destination bin search log that might help you find the root cause of the problem.

Best regards

Dominik Tylczynski

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Thank you Dominik for the clear explanation error. The error is resolved and I've successfully created and confirmed TO.

Best Regards,