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Unable to create number range in AS08

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Hello everyone.

We have a strange situation in transaction AS08 when we try to define a new number range:

- we define a new number range which is not part of any other defined number range, confirm the entry and save it

- system says that the changes were saved

- when we exit the AS08 transaction and enter it again, the number range is not there

- we checked NRIV table, the entry is not saved there either

- company code is maintained in AO11

We also tried creating a number range interval which is not a part of any other interval (included in NRIV table), but that didnt help. Also, the problem exists both for internal and external number ranges.

Can anyone give some advice on what should we look up or maybe someone had similar situation and found the way to solve it?

Thanks in advance!


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This appears to be a bug.

You need to enter the Number Range and save without pressing Enter.

If you press Enter and then save you will get a message saying that the data was saved but table NRIV will not be updated.