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UDO Update for Date and Time Field

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A matrix consisting of few columns out of which one column is of Date type and another of time type. The form is connected to the database using UDO. The add and retrieval of the data works fine. But the problem comes with the update part. When any of the rows of the matrix is modified and tried to be updated, all the time and date values stored in the database gets erased or we can say gets updated by null values in the database.

The updation part works fine for all other columns that have a different data type other than date or time.

Has anyone faced this problem and has got a solution to


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Manu,

Are you sure you're not getting an error somewhere? Are you also sure that the value is retrieved correctly before updating the record - that the problem is definitely with update and not somewhere else. What if you show a message before update is executed of what is in the column value for date and time.

Hope it helps,


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