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Two small issues regarding script and quantity field

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First quantity field

for eg var1 = 2,225

this 2,225 is reterived from the quantity field ie menge.

var1 is of char type with length 16

and var2 = 15

this 15 is reterived as conversion factor for material ie umren from marm table

var2 is type marm-umren

and when i multyiplying this values and storing in a resultant var .error is coming

var = var1 * var2

var is also char type with length 20.

the error is system is unable to interpret 2,225 as number.

what to do i m not getting .

This error is coming only calculation time and not coming when i m storing this value in var1.

please give me the solution how to tacke this.this is the runtime error.


in me21n there are several types of purchase order .for eg standard po ,jobwork order,machine work order and service po.

and for standard po output type is NEU(standard)

and job workorder output type is NEU1(created)

and machine work order output type is NEU2(created)

i have not made in any changes in driver program sapfm06p and for all routine is entry_neu.

my print preview is coming for every order .

But problem is that there is text tab at header level and item level in me21n

when i writing some text in it and saving in it then in printpreview is text is coming.

but when i m saving this text for jobwork order or machne work order it is not coming.

i m not getting how to make it available in print preview.

Do i have to create routines for NEu1 and NEU2 type.

i have to modify the standard program.

please tell me .

Secondly when i observe the form medruck only header text element is there

and under this


include t166k-txnam,t166k-tdobject,t166k-tdid and among this there is no field that storing that text then how it is printing in standard po.

similarly for item text ,same thing are written but table is t166p.

I don't where this include is going and from where it is printing the text.

Please tell me the flow or what type of coding is written to print the text.

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As you said correctly, In Scripts Std texts are printed using the INCLUDE command like

/: INCLUDE objectname <NAME> OBJECT <object> ID <id> LANGUAGE <en>

only these four parameters are needed to write the texts in the Header and item

as you said for header it is T166K table is used and for item T166P table is used.

So if both Header and Item texts are maintained in Po they will be printed automatically if these incluide statements are there in script

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No its not printing for jobwork order and machine work order .These are the purchase doucment type created by functional guys.

in standard there is only standard po with type NB and the guys created the jobwork order and machine order with type SB and MB and now to print the text for header and item level for this purchase document type(SB and MB).

Already i included the include lines in the script but text is not coming in print preview.

It is available for the Standard PO only.