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Two NEU condition type

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Can we maintain two NEU message output condition record for outline agreement with Date/time 3 as change fixed. Attaching screenshot of this. In this case its already maintained by business and with this maintenance Date/time 3 stops Print output. Also date/time 4 which doesnt work here as you see date/time 3 is fixed.

Can someone assist me in this functionality

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Answers (2)

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Yes, as you already maintained and appearing in your screen but what is your objective - better keep one condition record with one dispatch time but if you needed different dispatch time- you can create a new message type but how business going to use and any specific for agenda?

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Hello cibich,

You can't maintain two condition record for a single output type for same document type. In the screen shot have seen that when PO is created the output status is green which mean output has been printed successfully but you mentioned that it doesn't work and when you change the PO the output trigger for date/time-3.

So can you please clarify how first output with date/time-4 triggered. Is it triggered manually?


Neeraj Jain