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TRM Correspondence Definition

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Hi Experts:

I have customized the correspondence so that any time a transaction is settle it prints a documents or send an email. In this case the documents has payments details and the structure of the transaction.

But if the transaction has a decrease in the amount due to a previous payment of the principal and or the interest or a new other flow, how do I get the correspondence of those specific flows (i.e in money market a 1110 Decrease 1200 payed untill due date or a 5001 other flow axes)

thanks in advance



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Answers (2)

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Thanks, closed

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I guess you are using the old correspondence feature and not the correspondence framework which is available from EH3 onwards. Anyway for your case, you can define a new correspondence type for printing and assign that for a new activity for your product type.

You can specify the last function as change and the activity category as contract or settlement as per your requirement. You can check the form F_TR_CONFIRM_ALL or F_TR_DEALER_ALL which is a dealing slip. These forms would contain the flows. But in case if this is not suffecient, you can develop a new form and assign it for this activity.