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Travel- set WBS and Order number fields optional

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I have problem with Poland. When creating Expense report via PR05 or Travel request via TRIP, in tab Cost assignment fields "WBS" and "Order" are set up as mandatory. But is there any way to set them as optional?

I have already tried these options:

1. Used transaction FITVFIELD, selected needed trip provision variant, opened needed travel schema and did find these fields only under "Single Record entry". I selected them as not mandatory, but this didn't worked. in PR05 and TRIP they still were as mandatory.

2. I also used transactions PR71, PR72, PR73 where I selected option "0-Off" in field "Reqd entry" for both- WBS and Order for needed variable key....

But still it is not working and both of these fields are mandatory. Is there any way how to solve this? This is becoming very urgent, so I would be grateful if somebody could advise if this is possible and how.

Thank you in advance!

Community Manager
Community Manager
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You might check the settings for COBL-PS_PSP_PNR and COBL-AUFNR via transaction PRC7.