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Transit Stock

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Dear all,

Everyday, i am using a lot of storage location in my company code, i want to separate which storage location is Transit & other is receiving location. After posting purchase order i don't know where do i assign to transit location? i want to show the transit quantity in MB52.

Any suggestion?

Best regard,


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You can find transit quantity in t.code: MB5T. But why you want show in MB52 unless you  receive the goods in the receiving plant.

Logically needs, if your are doing INTRA STO and by law, if goods leaves form factory(supplying plant) to  Depot( or virtual plant) at that movement it should reduce from factory stock and added to receiving plant stock.But to reach goods in receiving plant, time required and then you receives goods in receiving plant ,so you need to talk to business team,stock can be viewed in MB5T for few hours and then can check in receiving plant with t.code:MB52.


Check  in t.code: S_P00_07000139


Biju K