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transfer requirement

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Hello friends,

One basic business question. what is the necessity of creating a TR when we can directly create a TO from material document.kindly clarify.points will be rewarded.

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you propablay know that WM is not a SAP own product. Is was purchased some years ago and a interface between materials management and the warehouse management was created.

This interface was the transfer request.

So every module which has an interface to WM can issue this requests and with respect to the creating document (purchase order(MM), production order(PP) the TR will (can) be created.

In many of the cases the TO's can be created directly not going via a TR. But assume the request could be not fulfilled in one shot by the warehouse. Therefore many reason can exsist. Now it would be nice if the request would be fulfilled up to the maximum quantity and the rest is staying open in the system without the called module (MM, PP) must take care of this. WM can handle this internally by running a certain report frequently, to reprocess all the partly processed TR's.

On the other hand it can be that you would like to issue the requests until a certain time and the warehouse shall not see the orders lets say before 1400 hours. Then you only create the requests and let run the converting job once at 1400 hours. After that all the moves will be visible.

There are other scenarios for which you can use this kind of working.

In the end it is nothing else like some kind of flexible interface between modules and I personally think that this follows the same rules than the reservations in MM.

If it was helpful for you, please contribute.

Otherwise ask for further details.

Best regards

Uwe Neumann

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That was very clear. thanks for clearing that doubt.