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Transfer posting for sales order stock questions. Propose BOM components?

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We are working with a third party subcontracting scenario (SD item category TAB/sched line CB), where a Subcontracting PO (item cat L/acc assign M) gets generated.

At MB1B, I perform a 412E movement to issue components to a sales order.

When I issue components to the sales order, I need to manually enter the component and quanity. I would like the system to propose the component quantity, similar to when I do a movement 541 to a subcontractor.

Is this possible? Any advice would be greatly appreciated !!!



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Hello, thanks for both your reply's.

I have created a third party Subcontracting PO as you described above, with PO Item category L/Account assignment M)

Here is my problem.

At ME2O, when I search by subcontractor, my subcontracting PO is not displayed anywhere. I suspect this is because in account assignment M the consumption posting value is blank (instead of V). The situation is the same at MB1B, where the system is unable to locate a PO.

So I tried creating my own account assignment, a copy of M only I set the consumption posting value to V. This allowed me to use ME2O or MB1B to do the component issue. However, the system would not let me do a MIGO, with an error Acct. 03-010 for trans./event key BSX, postable directly. This error has to do with G/L auto posting flag in FS00. I checked this on and then I would get a no direct posting possible error....

In my above scenario, I really would like to use ME2O and issue components to a subcontractor. Is there a way I can achieve this? Thank you.

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Goto Transaction Code, VOV6--

> Choose Sch.Line catagory, CB
> Go in to detail

>There you maintain PR Doc.Type as NB, Acc.Ass.Catagory as "M" and Itemcatagory as "L",then after completing the sale order, Automatically PR will be created with item cat L and acc assign M ....

Then create PO by refering this PR...

(Before that make sure that you have maintained the link bet. Acc.Ass.Catagory as "M" and Itemcatagory as "L" in OLME-->Accout Assignment--

> Define combination of Acc.ASs.Catagory and Item catagory

and also In OLME--

>Purchase Requisition---->Define document types -

>you have to maintain the link for converting this PR into PO...)

If you have already maintained BOM, then in PO---> Material data tab---> the BOM will be automatically exploded.

Then you can issue these items to SC Vendor in Transaction code. ME2O

Hope I have cleared your doubts

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check with ME2O transaction?



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