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Transcation on internal order - FBCJ

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Dear excel goro,

I created an internal order successfully, when i try to post transaction on the internal order throught tcode fbcj, it requires and GL account, what should the gl account be!

When i try capital in progress, and error appears that this account can only be posted automatically

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Hi mustafaasabriee,

I assume you try to post some cash disbursements via cash ledgers to an asset under construction and you use internal orders as investments measure for the purposes of asset acquisitions ?

If my understanding is correct, you should note the following:

- Normally, there should be a dedicated P&L account defined in your company for the purposes of the asset acquisition. A dedicated cost element should be created for this GL account.

- When you want to accumulate the costs on AuC, you have to use this P&L in the vendor invoice / purchase order or in your case in cash ledger. Internal order should be indicated as CO account assignment object in the posting. This will accumulate the costs on the internal order first. Normally, a purchase order is used for this option.

- Afterwards, you have to run the settlement of the internal order via KO88 to settle the costs from IO to an Asset under construction.

Now, if you're not sure which P&L account to use, I suggest to check the following settings:

- Check if there is an investment profile assigned to internal order (in KO02). There should be.

- Check what is the source structure / assignment that were assigned to investment profile (in OITB).

- Check the settings for the allocation structure (in OK06) for a combination of the structure and assignment from OITB.

- Navigate to the tab "Source" and check whatever values were maintained there.

Three options are possible:

1) There can be one cost element.

2) There can be a range of cost elements.

3) There can be a group of cost elements.

If there is a range of cost elements or a group, you'll need to check whatever cost element is more suitable for you.

I hope that answers your question.