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Transaction type ( Field - RMVCT ) Is not visible under GL account tab in MIRO .

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Hi All ,

In f-02 , when we enter the GL account and click on more data we get a coding block screen , were we have an option of entering the value in transcation type as attached in screenshot ( in red ) . But the same thing doesn't appear in MIRO Transaction , GL account Tab . Could you please advise

1. In standard screen we will not be able to see the field "transaction type " in MIRO ?

2 . If first question is true , how to get the field transaction type in MIRO screen under GL account tab .

Apprecaite your response !! Thank you

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You have to check with your ABAPer. The field is available in the GL entry structure ACGL_ITEM. But it is not coming in the screen. They might help you on this.