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Dear All SAP Gurus

Please explain where and when to operate T.code COFC and CO1P?

Thanks in advance


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Accepted Solutions (1)

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COFC is for reprocessing error records of the actual cost determination caused by confirmations. But not only from production orders but also from process and maintenance orders as well as networks. They occur when activities are posted, but errors occur (e.g. prices entered in the work center are not longer valid) There is no "delete" button but I remember a SAP note containing a report to delete those records.


When there are any errors due to missing parts or GM errors then these errors are shown in AFFW & can be seen in transaction code COGI. But the lock entries are not indicated in AFFW. These lock entries can be seen in transaction code CO1P. Hence this T code is used to see these lock entries which can be solved later.

In addition, CO1P shows also all goods movements and actual costs records which were created because the control key in the confirmation profile (Tr. OPK4) was set to "later in background". For this purpose, reports CORUPROC and CORAUFWP can be used as background reports. However, CO1P is the correponding online transaction which allows also a selection by single oders or confirmations.

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Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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In the area of confirmation, you can separate confirmation entry from processing. As a result, errors may occur when confirmations, or the processes that follow them, are posted. You can eliminate these errors by reprocessing them. The following reprocessing functions are available:

Confirmations - CO16N

Actual costs - COFC

Goods movements - COGI

In CO1P you can perform all of the above + GR.

When you carry out a confirmation, processes are triggered (actual cost calculation + GR+GI) that could negatively affect the response time of the confirmation process. Hence You can decouple the following confirmation processes:

Automatic Goods Receipt


Actual cost determination

HR confirmation

and do it through CO1P. Hence you use this function to process future change records for confirmation processes.