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Trading partner incorrectly getting populated in TI Document.

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We are having issue with population of Trading partner field in TI document for certain Transaction types.

The issue is specific to Company code - 1012( Payment order between 1012-1020), in all other cases ( payment order between any other company code and 1020) is working all right.

The Trading partner that is getting updated is incorrect.

Step- Post payment order.

After posting of Payment order the End of day sequence of steps were executed, the following are the sequence of steps taken : -

T ocde - F9B1 F9B1 Posting Cutoff - Payment transactions. Account Balancing, T code - F991 F991 Mass Acct balancing (Interest / Charge Calculation). Account Clousre, T Code - F9KD F9KD Report : Account Closure. Closing Date, T Code - F9L4 F9L4 Date of Balancing Posting Entry. Bank Statements - F9N1 F9N1 Start Bank Statements. Balance sheet Prep, Tcode F9HL F9HL Balance sheet preperation Bank Customer Accounts - FI General Ledger. FI Transfer, T Code F9HI F9HI Transfer Bank Current Accounts - FI General Ledger. Bank Statement posting, T code FEBP FEBP Post Internal Bank Statements

On executing the T. Code - FEBP the TI documents got posted with incorrect Trading partner.

Similar document is posted in Company code 1020 with In correct Trading partner.

The Trading partner is populated based on Substitution rule and where ever the XRFF3 (Reference key3) key is populated , trading partner is posted correctly based on substitution rule. Where ever the XREF3 key is not populated the Trading partner fails to update correctly.

Based on initial analysis it seems that issue is owing to XREF3 field not getting populated in case of document posted in 1020.

It will be big help if you guys can throw some light and help solve this issue.

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When we look your substitution rule, you are at the step 26. Is it possible that a previous step will change your XREF3 for you company 1020?

One option is to try it in debug mode with an ABAP’er. You will see where the information came from.


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Hi Rahul,

The best way to update trading partner in bank entries, use the search string functionality.

You can create the search string based on posting rules or payment information for this and it will update the trading partners.


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Hi Omar thanks for your reply. I have checked the settings in TI Document and both fields - Inter company Postings and Enter Trading partner field are checked/selected.

Omar, my concern is that the issue exists only for certain cases (when payment order is being created between 1012 & 1020).

The settings in TI document are universal.

When posting the TI document the XREF3 field is populated and then substitution rule determines how the Trading partner field is populated. --

TI doc posted --> XREF3 field populated -->Substitution rule works to populate Trading partner field.(VBUND)

This is substitution rule.

When XREF3 is populated substitution rule works and we get the CORRECT trading partner field.

When XREF3 is NOT populated ( in case of 1012-1020) the Trading partner is incorrectly populated with 1046 ( which is In-House cash/Treasury company).

If you can help me figure out how the XREF3 field is populated or why it is NOT populated in certain cases then I believe issue can be solved.

Your inputs are greatly appreciated


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Dear Rahul,

Regarding field VBUND there are two flags relevant for the document type in question.

Please check the flags for the relevant document type:

1. Inter-company postin
2. Enter trading partner.

System will fill Trading partner according to the combination of above 2 flags:

1) Both indicators switched OFF:
If a trading partner is maintained in G/L, vendor or customer master
record, VBUND is copied to all document lines. VBUND is unique in

2) Indicator "Inter-company post." switched ON and indicator "Enter
trading partner" switched OFF:
The company ID (= trading partner) is not inherited to other items
for document types that allow cross-company postings.

3) Both Indicators switched ON:
You can enter a trading partner when posting to a G/L account if no
trading partner is stored in the G/L master record.
In this case, the company ID specified manually is entered in all
line items that not yet received a company code from the customer
or vendor master record.

For additional information please check note:
1397715 FI: Adding VBUND to the coding block

Best Regards,