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Traded Materials

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Hi Gurus,

Our company buys certain products which they trade directly

ie they buy it and sell it without doing any enchantment of the product.

since it is traded product there no production activities are mapped ie. no MRP views etc..

BUT IN CERTAIN CASE WE HAVE TO BLEND two different batches of the same product to create specific quality as required by the customer.

the problem here is when we blend two different batches into one specific quality which batch number is to be used when we are sending it to the customer,which number to be used in the delivery.

or have we to create new batch number,since here we are not creating any production orders

is it that we have move the stocks from the two batches of traded products to one new batch

please let me how to move stock into a new batch number .ie which movement will i use in this case



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Answers (2)

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closing the thread

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I guess you have to have a DUMMY production order so that you can sell the product

1) Create separate material type for the materials you buy to sell

2) Create another material type under finished goods which is used to sell the product

2) Create DUMMY prd orders to convert "buy to sell" material type to FG material type

Hope it works for the business!!


Shrinivas Betageri