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Top 5 Request List for future versions of the SDK

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Now after the release of SBO2005A SP01 and its SDK (With the new super cool FormDataEvent), a developer always wants more … Here are a top five of the things I would like most in future versions. Perhaps this could end up in a collected SDN members Request list that could be given to the SDK Development team.

1. UDO Data Access through the DI

2. Performance / Memory issues

3. Text-lines in DI-Objects

4. Sort-method for own grids and matrixes

5. Sum and Super columns

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Not quite a top 5, as of I agree with all your points, so I just add a 6...

1. <i>Call the report layout service (call a userreport from a userform)</i>

2. Sort-method for own grids and matrixes

3. Sum and Super columns

4. UDO Data Access through the DI

5. Performance / Memory issues

6. Text-lines in DI-Objects

(Changed the rows a bit, so the most important for me is at the top... )

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This are mine:

1. Performance ().

2. Improvements in Grid and/or Matrix.

...Support for different collapse level for rows.

...Total, AVG, etc. footer


3. Better fax and email support.

...SMTP access with User AND Password (which small customer has its own SMTP server without Password??)

...Receiving fax support(or even selecting them from a folder should be enough).

4. More "Access Points" to the Business Logic Black Boxes (As TransactionNotification).

5. DI through web services. Should be the default, not an adding (DI Server)

6. UDO access through DI.

7. Full Business Logic support (Remove BP addresses,ContactEmployees, Create Banks,...).

8. Clear specification about supported Active X.

(Which are the requeriments for the ActiveX to be compatible with SBO. I mean the exact requeriments (Interfaces, protocols and so on))

Could I go on?


Ibai Peñ