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Tolerance limits & Number ranges

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1. What is tolerance limits ? Why we need to use it ? What are the steps to configure tolerance limits ?

2. What is number ranges ? How to create number ranges ?

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IN PO tollerence limit:

When processing a purchase order, the system checks whether the effective price of a PO item shows variances compared with the valuation price stored in the material master record. In addition, it checks whether the specified cash discount value is admissible.

Variances are allowed within the framework of tolerance limits. If a variance exceeds a tolerance limit, the system issues a warning or error message.

PE Price variance, Purchasing :

Tolerance limit for system message no. 207. This message appears if the specified effective price exceeds the predefined tolerances when compared with the material price.

SE Maximum cash discount deduction, Purchasing

Tolerance limit for system message no. 231. This is a warning message, which appears when the specified cash discount percentage exceeds the predefined tolerances.

MIRO Tolerence limit: OMR6

When processing an invoice, the R/3 System checks each item for variances between the invoice and the purchase order or goods receipt. The different types of variances are defined in tolerance keys.

Variances are allowed within predefined tolerance limits. If a variance exceeds a tolerance limit, however, the system issues a message informing the user. If an upper limit (except with BD and VP) is exceeded, the invoice is blocked for payment when you post it. You must then release the invoice in a separate step. If the tolerance limit for BD is breached, the system cannot post the invoice.

Note that if you set all limits for a tolerance key to Do not check, the system does not check that tolerance limit. Therefore any variance would be accepted. This does not make sense particularly in the case of the tolerance key Form small differences automatically.


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Dear Pramita,

Is that tolerance limit is related to material master..

Or MIRO postings..

Or GRN postings..

By setting tolerance limit in material master one can create GRN for the same material with the GRN quanitiy>PO quanitity

Its applicable for Fules..

No. ranges for PR,PO,materials,vendors..

Is basically part of configuration..



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Any document which we create in SAP will be identified with a number .The documents will be a PO, GR,MIRO , Purchase rquisition etc.We configure/create the number ranges at spro and assign them to the document types so that system will create the document with in that number range.

for example at sprommpurchasingpurchase order-document type--number ranges

if a invoice posted at MIRO , system will check a accepatable range of posting for amount and quantity ( in relation to PO) in a Plus and minus sign and allows to post , which are called as tolerance limits.

ex amount 200inr+/- 10 .