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Thumbnail images for Application other than JPG or GIF like DOC , PDF, etc.

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Standard configurations are availble to have thumbnails for JPG and GIF file application.

How to get Thumbnail for DOC, PDF .etc?

i have gone through some similar issues in SCN which suggests to use BADI for this.

Can anyone suggest any BADI's for this.?

Thanks in advance

Sanket Gadhe

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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do you plan to have thumbnails for SAP DMS ? In other word, the transactions CV01N, CV02N, CV03N ... ? Or do you mean business documents ... ?

In case of SAP DMS:

Thumbnails are used in CAD Desktop or CV04N only within SAPgui, I think.

And thumbnails will be used on some WebUIs, I heard.

There is no standard mechanism to create thumbnails, e.g. if you plan to get a preview of 3D CAD data. You have to handle this by yourself. For standard Icons, you can use a prepared library for this.

So you have to define a workstation application first, which stores only the image within your document information record, too. E.g. name this new workstation application THU, like thumbnail and assign the data format JPEG.

Then go to transaction SPRO =>cross-application comonents=>document management=>general data=>set up workstation application for thumbnails.

Then you can check in a word document, e.g. an offer.

Then you can check in a thumbnail in parallel e.g. a JPG with the word preview or the word logo.

Your document information record will look like this:

WsApp  Descr.                        File

DOC      Microsoft Word          offer.docx

THU      Thumbnail                  icon.jpg

To add an thumbnail automatically, you can certainly use BAdI DOCUMENT_STORAGE01~AFTER_CHECKIN if the e.g. wordfile is checked in correctly

Another way to create thumbnails can be realized by an automatically conversion process, e.g. by releasement of the document you can start convertion from DOC to PDF ... and in parallel, the thumbnail will be created. But this will be realized by 3rd party conversion products ...



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Hi Markus,

Can you explain in detail how to have a Thumbnail of a Word DOC or PDF in CV04N Tcode .

as per My knowledge we have to Use some convertor so that the Doc or PDF can be initially converted to JPG or GIFor BMp format after which the Thumbnail will  be Visible in CV04N Tcode.

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Hi Sanket,

here is the way to thumbnails in SAP DMS

Create a new workstation application, e.g. THU (thumbnail) by

DMS customizing:

Set THU as workstation application for thumbnails

Create an entry for the document type you need

Prepare a document Information record

- the PDF is the real document

- the THU is just a JPEG image of the PDF icon/logo (manually created !)

Pls note, that after save/return the preview/thumbnail is shown in the top right corner

Then goto to transaction CV04N and switch from table to thumbnail view

After doing a little research you will get the thumbnails

This is the thumbnail feature as described in a few steps.

Note, that there is no SAP standard to create these previews automatically.

This feature is build especially for PLM with CAD integrations, I think.

Engineers and project members can see a preview of there products, the worm gear example, left to the PDF.

So thumbnails are better used for a preview than showing PDF, DOC, ... Icons.

By the way (if you search other way for icons of applications as you asekd)

Use icons within the DIR like this:

The workstation application icons can be set in the Workstation application customizing here:

Note: use the F4-help to get a list of possible icons.

There are round about 1000 Icons available ... so set you max. hits to more than 500 hits to get all of them.

Open the input for that by clicking the small triangle seperator ...

In the midrange you will find Word, Excel & PDF as well.

Hope, this will help you ....



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