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The Server threw an exception

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Hi I am getting "The Server threw an exception" errors whilst running an add-on that I have developed. The error ocurrs randomly, and when rerunning will then run successfully on the document it failed on last time, there does not seem to be any pattern to when the exception occurs.

In my addon I am copying documents from drafts (copying every property and UDF's mannually (couldn't get the XML way to work properly).

Anyway, I'm on SBO2005 SP10 (on XP SP2) - I have seen a few other threads with similar problems, is anyone else having the same problem?



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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This appear a DCOM error .

possible Cause


A ) permission -> Run DCOMCNFG and check ACL For SAPbouiCOM Object

B ) Bad Registration , Installation -> Reinstall SAP

C ) Incorrect object Marshaling ( Remember : Cannot pass SAP Object created by add-on in other Process or Thread ) -> Review the application with this Limitation

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