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Term end in Structure tab is disable

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Dear Expert,

Does anyone know a reason of SAP behavior. i've got a scenario from my user that they want to change final repayment amount when the status of the transaction is contract. also the end of term .

once we we change the finaly repayment complete , we back to structure tab ,Then end of term field show gray.

Don't know why ??

Please kindly share what cause of this.


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hello AJ,

The manual change of the flows in cash flow tab will block other changes, therefore if you have changed the  final repayment amount, the End of term which is related to the repayment date of the final repaymnt flow cannot be changed anymore. This will avoid inconsystencies of the data.

If you need to change the end of term, you will need to undo the edit first.

Best regards,


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