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Team Calendar for non-manager in Leave Request

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Hi ,

It seems like only Manager can see the Team Calendar in Leave Request or others ? Can a non Manager also see the Team Calendar , so he can see who is in the office and who is out .

Any help will be appreciated .

Thank you .

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In the SAP standard, the evaluation path SAP_MANG is used to determine

the root objects. This evaluation path determines root objects whose

manager holds a chief position (please take a look at the F1

documentation of the field "Eval.Path for Root Objects" on the detail

screen in the view V_TWPC_V "View Definition" for further information on

this topic).

In your case, however, chief positions are not used and thus you'll

need to use a different evaluation path to determine the root objects

(e.g. WF_ORGUN) in the above-mentioned view.

Since you are seeing in leave request application.

You can use the report RHSTRU00

1. The DC pcui_gp/tecl had to be deployed to J2EE engine.

2. Note 704604 has to be implemented.

3. The Org.Unit conif has to be correct for the employee

4. View group has to be maintained in V_TWPC_VG.

5. Leave req. application has to work

also refer this


Also make sure that customer Entries V_TWPC_VG_C are not

defaulting other values too.

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Go to SPRO and search for "Select employees" under area Team Calendar.

You can specify different types of modes for different groups.

Different modes are as follows:

Request Mode

Approval Mode

Administrator Mode

Batch Mode

Team View Mode

Overview of Leave

The groups are of following types : MSS_LEA_EE,MSS_LCA_EE,MSS_TMV_EE,ESS_LEA_EE e.t.c.

Explore this . It will work.



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You need to make some entries under Personnel Management -> ESS -> Service Specific Settings -> Working Time -> Team Calendar -> Select Employees

00000001 SAP Standard 01.01.1800 31.12.9999 Request Mode View Group (MSS) ESS_LEA_EE

00000001 SAP Standard 01.01.1800 31.12.9999 Team View Mode View Group (MSS) MSS_LTV_EE

Also, you need to make sure your OADP settings are in place



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Thank you ,

Look likes I do not have the values "ESS_LEA_EE" or "MSS_LTV_EE" . We run SAP ERP 2004 , maybe that is the difference ?


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You would have to make this possible via configuration of your Object and Data Provider (OADP). However, be warned....I was asked to do this on a project but then once the folks saw it in use, they did not like the idea of other employees being able to view when some one was out say for medical reasons or what ever the reason was, it was removed.

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Chris ,

Thank you , can you share more detail about the Object and Data Provider (OADP) configuration you did to make that work ? You can send an e-mail @ .

Regard's .