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Tax Work Area Override using IT2002

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Hello All,

for the above issue, based on my research the closest thing I came across is SAP note 643595

Below is the expert from the note.  My question to forum is has anyone implemented Work Area Override using attendance?   Can you please provide me more details on the below note?  I really appreciate your help.  Thanks!

The Work Tax Area Override will be revised to look for the new technical wage type /5U5 in the B2 cluster table ZL.
If it finds the wage type, the Override will use it to determine the actual hours worked.
If it does not find it, then it will calculate the hours as originally designed.

The wage type will be stored in the B2 cluster table ZL on a day-by-day basis; it will store ALP split indicators that point to the Work Tax Area entered in one of the time management infotypes. It will also be stored in the RU cluster table RT on a WPBP period basis, again with ALP split indicators.

The two time management rules are UTA0 and UTA1.
The rule UTA1 is called by the rule UTA0; the rule UTA0 will need to be called in your relevant time management schema.
For example, for those customers who run payroll but not time evaluation, the relevant standard schema is TC00, and the new schema would look something like the following.  (Note the new call to the function RTIP subsequent to the call to POVT.)

The third new rule is U009; it eliminates the employee subgroup grouping for the wage type /5U5 and stores it in the table RT. It would be used in the place of international rule X009. The wage type is configured to be deleted from RT by the processing of the rule X023 if the rule U009 is not called.
The fourth new rule is UREM; it checks the processing class 86 of each wage type in IT and adds the number to number field of the wage type /5U5. This is necessary since Infotype 2010 is not processed using time evaluation, so some mechanism is required to account in /5U5 all entries in the infotype.
The relevant standard subschema is UT00; the amended subschema is given below. Note the replacement of the standard time schema TC00 with the customized schema &C00 (given above). Note also that PIT executes the new rule U009 instead of the standard X009.

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Hi Jesu,

We use Work tax area override using IT2010.

Let me know if you need more information on same.