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Tax code XX (output tax) does not exist for jurisdiction code USXXXXXXXXX

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Hello Experts,

We are building SAP ISU / ERP system for the US based client. We are using SABRIX third party tool for tax calculations.

During Invoicing and posting FICA document using FPE1 - I received below error message Tax code XX (output tax) does not exist for jurisdiction code USXXXXXXXXX. So far I am not able to find reason behind this error.

I've defined output tax code in FTXP also as we are using external tax system - my assumption is we don't need to config any tax jurisdiction codes.

I searched below SDN posts - but none of them are very useful.

Please let me know if there are any other additional configurations or missing config.

Kind Regards,


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Below path may helps you while creating output tax wiht jurisdiction

SPRO-Financial Accounting (New)-Financial Accounting Global Settings (New)-Tax on Sales/Purchases-Basic Settings-Specify Structure for Tax Jurisdiction Code----and/or.......... Define Tax Jurisdictions.


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Kindly check the T Code: OBCP system ask costing sheet, select from the list your tax procedure eg:TAXUS, TAXUSJ and check any tax jurdicary code is there or not. If it is there then system will ask while creating tax code FTXP. You should give that TAX Judiciary.



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Thanks for your quick reply Mani & Srinivas.

We are using procedure - TAXUSX for external tax calculation. Also, as it is external tax calculation we haven't configured any Jurisdiction code in OBCP. Though I did try to create some dummy jurisdiction codes - but it didn't work. Also, FTXP never asked me to select or enter jurisdiction code.

If I am not wrong and as per my testing - in external tax system - jurisdiction code is automatically assigned during address creation (not fetched from OBCP). This same jurisdiction code is then passed to third party for tax calculations.