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Tax code setup for India localization

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Hi Contributors ,

I am using SAP Business One 2007B (8.60.038) SP:00 PL:13

I am not able to make new tax codes . Actually I have understood the Tax setup on the paper but unable to resolve it in SAP Business One. Here is an illustration of what I have understood :

There are 3 tax types : Service Tax , eCess , HeCess .

Method of calculating Tax on an item with a price tag of Rs.100/=

Service Tax : 10%

eCess : 2 % of Price Tag

HeCess : 1 % of Price Tag

Adding up the Indian Government now gets Rs.13/= as Tax .However the SAP Business One has certain formula window apart from other windows which has left me totally perplexed.

I would be grateful if someone can illustrate the tax setup by way of screen shots starting from beginning to end. The new tax code when selected on a marketing document such as an Order or Invoice should give the desired document total.

God Bless !!



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Joy

Are you from the partner organization? If yes you can access the follwoing link (on channel Partner portal) to docwnload the document, which describes in details hte process to setup the tax codes in SAP Business One;

If you are from the customer organization, you can take the help of your partner supporting your implementation

It will be difficult to give the entire process of setting the tax codes in this reply



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