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Tax classification in material master

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In the sale org 1 view of the material master the tax classification is maintained as per the country code. For one country code the tax code is missing for some materials.We need to know the list of materials which have missing tax classification for the country.

Even i checked MLAN table , i am not getting for all the countries which are showing in material master tax data in sales Org view 1

Can somebody provide someinputs on this?

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Answers (3)

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Hi Hari,

I've been experiencing the same issue.  I was finally able to resolve it using SQ01 queries, and here is how:


MARA->MVKE->TVKWZ->T001W->T005   This gives you the plants and country codes that are relevant for sales orgs.  Final link to T005 by country.

In T005, you want to check field KALSM.  If there's no tax procedure defined, then there won't be an error in MM02 either.  So you want records where KALSM is populated.

That data model should be compared against MLAN to check for missing country codes...

This has been working fine for me, and I was able to identify where we needed to add MLAN entries.

There is an alternate table, TSTL you can link in and check as well, for tax categories.  I'm not too certain about this one, but so far it has been consistent with the T005 as well.  If there is no tax procedure in KALSM, then TSTL-TATYP also seems to be blank. 

This took me a couple of years (on and off) to finally dig through, driven lately by necessity.  I hope this is helpful and useful.



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the countries listed in tax classification of your material master  are the plant countries from the plants that are assigned to your sales organisation.

and they show up with blank tax classification because they do not have a record in MLAN table

This record in MLAN table is only created if you enter a tax indicator.

To my knowledge there is no report in SAP that can tell you the incomplete material masters.

(somebody mentioned transaction RTAXMCHECK, but this checks customizing for existing MLAN records)

You may need to develop your own ABAP that determines all countries from the plants assigned to a sales organisation and lists those materials which do not have an entry for one or several countries in your MLAN table.

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Please have a look into above link .