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Tax Calculation Issue

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Hello All

We recently updated HRSP98 and testing our quality system to implement HRSP in PRD.

We found one strange issue.

For an existing employee Tax calculated correctly without any issue as per slab.

But when i am hiring a Employee found that tax calculation is huge and totally wrong.

PFA of screen shot of correct and wrong employees. (Executed both EEs for April2016).

In below screen EE1 Tax calculated 4643

Below is the Form 16 for EE2 . Taxable income is 2,78,570 and Total tax 55714 (we have 2,50,000  basic tax  exemption for this EE)

This employee is new hired and giving wrong values

But for the existing Employee (EE2), Tax calculated correctly in payslip

Form16 of EE2 which is correct Tax for this Salary.

Unable to check any table because All calculations are appearing just within Fn and No scope for checking

Pls suggest us something on this.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Product and Topic Expert
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It seems that IT185 for the EE doesn't have PAN no. maintained and system is taking the tax rate from PNRTE constant (V_T511K view in SM30).

Please check.



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