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Target cost not being calculated

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We are going to use Product Cost Collector in a repetitive manufacturing environment. We have done the following :

  1. Create Semi Finished Good material

  2. BOM and Rate Routing

  3. Production Version

  4. Standard Cost Estimate

  5. Product Cost Collector and Pre. Cost Estimate

  6. REM Confirmation and simultaneous GR of the material


Stock is updated and material document is created and shows link to Order in a order type RM01 (i.e. linked to Product Cost Collector)

But  when we execute KKS6 to calculate variances the system is not calculating target cost and put all actual cost in Remaining Variance.

Also no Good Receipt row is shown in KKBC_PKO

Plz help

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Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Is your Contr area currency same as comp code currency??

if not, you must do settings in Costing Variant to update Std cost estimate in Contr Area currency..

Cancel your GR - > Re-release std cost estimate - Post GR and calculate Variances


Apply note 1229004 if you dont want to do that

br, Ajay M

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We have currency type = '20'  (i.e. Controlling Area Currency) but Currency is the same as Company Code Currency defined in Controlling Area

I cancelled confirmation, then deleted and re-run cost estimate.

After confirmation using MFBF and KKS6 but I still see:

Only remaining var. in version 0 - no target costs for 000000700060

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Please help

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