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Table to get Brazil purchase tax information in a purchase order

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Hello everybody i have a question about the table where i can get information about the condition type and value of it for a purchase order of Brazil country.

I need to print different taxes and values of them in a smartform, so i need to do an specification for my abap partner; but i can't find the table where i can take that information, here is what i have so far:

Purchase order under invoice tag:

Go to the tax determination where i need to get the condition type and the value:

Looks like the information is under KONV table fields KSCHL and KWERT (for condition type and value) however when i look for this conditions types in that table with the condition document which i take from EKKO:

I only get the conditions for the "Conditions" tag and not for the taxes:

My questions are:

1.- Is there another document condition (field "KNUMV") that i need to use to get the tax conditions for the purchase order and if it is, In which table can i get it?

2.- If i am using the correct document condition then; which is the correct table i need to use to get the tax condition information?

Thank you so much for your time I hope you can help me to resolve this.

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