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Table name& field name for production order & operation confirmation

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Hi All,

I would like to know the table name and field name for the production order "confirmation" (CNF) and the operation confirmation (CNF).

Thanks and Regards,


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Hi there,

CORU(R/3 Application development: PP Confirmations )

AFFW Goods movements with errors from confirmatio

AFRC Table of planned changes to conf.: Automatic

AFRD Default values for collective confirmation

AFRH Header information for confirmation pool

AFRP1 Table of planned changes to conf.: Automatic

AFRP2 Table of planned changes for confirmation: B

AFRP3 Table of planned changes for confirmation: C

AFRP4 Table of planned changes to confirmatn: Data

AFRU Order completion confirmations

AFWI Subsequently posted goods movements for conf

TAFWD CORU: Messages that are not interpreted as e

TCORD Table for field-dependent check routines

TCORU Parameters for order confirmations

TCORV Table with Routines for structureing variabl

TCORW Confirmation: Window Control

TPARU Control parallelized confirmation processes

TPRRU Control table for process chain for confirma

TPRRUT Text table for process control of confirmati

TRUGS User status caused by deviation

CO(R/3 Application development: PP Production orders )

AFBP CIM order: Batch print requests

AFFL Work order sequence

AFKO Order header data PP orders

AFPO Order item

AFVC Operation within an order

AFVU DB structure of the user fields of the opera

AFVV DB structure of the quantities/dates/values

FAPW Index of production-/issuing plant for produ

FTIND Missing parts index

ORDCOM Communication control Operation download

T024F Production scheduler

T399X Parameters dependent on order type

T441C Profile - availability check

T441CT Texts for Profile "Display Availability Chec

T490 Transactions PP - orders - order category

T496B CIM order: Assigning document types to refer

T496D CIM: Destination/lists/spool parameters per

T496F CIM order: Form description of the list

T496K CIM order: Entity table of possible table id

T496N CIM order: List descriptions

T496P Print PP documents: Determination of output

T496R Print PP shop papers: Report control

T496T Print PP shop papers: Transaction control

T496V PP Print: Default Value for Printing Online

T496Z CIM order: Table-controlled table access

TC32 Assigning subscreen to processing location

TC34 Allocating operation to object type for the

TC62 Sequence of detail screens when processing h

TCO01 Sequence/operations control in logicstics or

TCO03 CIM order: Texts for TCO01, Description of o

TCO04 Table for controlling the screen sequence gr

TCO05 CUA status depending on panel, trans. type,

TCO06 Exclusive functions for PP orders

TCO09 CIM order: Text IDs of objects in orders

TCO10 Valuation variant for order costing

TCO11 Control table for production orders - availa

TCO12 Control table production orders - stock dete

TCO36 PP orders: Control table for calling up pop-

TCO41 CIM order: Default values for generating ope

TCO43 PP-SFC order profile

TCO43T Description of production scheduler profile

TCO60 Sequence keys for input facility and verific

TCO61 Sequence key for PP orders

TCO62 Defining screen sequences for input facility

TCO63 Sequence of detail screens when maintaining

TCODB Database fields development class CO per ord

TCOF Profile for missing parts info system

TCOFF Profile for Missing Parts Info System: Displ

TCOFFT Texts for Missing Parts Info System: Display

TCOFG Profile for missing parts info system: crite

TCOFGT Texts for Missing Parts Info System: Criteri

TCOFK Texts for functions in milestones/trigger po

TCOFS Profile for Missing Parts Info System: Sort

TCOFST Texts for Missing Parts Info System: Sort Cr

TCOFT Texts for Missing Parts Info System

TCOKO Constants for PP orders

TCOKT Account assignment categories for order

TCOP Field selection profile

TCOPS Field selection profile

TCOPT Description of Profile for Field Selection

TDUMMY Dummy structure of a table for READ with VER

TRUG Reason for variances in completion confirmat

TRUGT Text describing the reason for a variance in

TXPR1 XPRA control - missing parts info system


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