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t556a time eval issue

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Hi all

The pernr xxxx has a time eval error " No entry in T556A for 51510 on 11/10/06". This 15 PSG has no vacation trcaking eligibility. He was under this PSG 15 till 11/10/06. On 12/12/06 he moved to different PSG say 16 which is eligible for vacation tracking. All the IT 0001,007, 2006, 003(changed PDC dt to12/10/06) have been changed accordingly . But when time eval is run the program is picking data from some where and says there is no entry in t556a on 11/10/06.

As RPDUADU00 report has logged chages in it I checked it. It has all 2006 changes. Do you think I am missing something or where do you think I need to look for.

ASAP help is appreciated.

Thanks in advance,


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It is a problem with Time Type, You have to create a Time Type in T555A Table.

That is not T556A Table but it is T555A Table.

You have to create a Time Type With Respective PSA Groupting for Time Recording XX and Time Type XXXX.

That is the error, a Time Type is missing on that day.

Create a Time type and Check again.

This must solve your problem.

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