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T52EL Table

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What is the sequence number field within the T52EL table used for?

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Hello Kristy,

The field, SEQNO is part of the key for table T52EL. This field allows multi records with the same sub keys (MANDT, MOLGA , LGART, ENDDA)



LGART /xxx

SEQNO 1 <<<<<< You can enter a sequential number in this field.

ENDDA 12/31/9999

004 10 MI10 01 12/31/9999 + 1030

004 10 MI10 02 12/31/9999 + 1110 A

004 10 MI10 03 12/31/9999 + 1111 A

In the example above the records all have the same sub keys.



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So is this only used to tell the payroll posting process which wage type to post first, second, third, etc? Or are there other uses for the value in this field?

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As Manuel said, the main use for this field is to allow the same wt to be posted to more than 1 account if necessary. I don't think the posting sequence (i.e. which account is to be posted first) is really really relevant.

The only place that I see this field becomes relevant is in the old way of 3rd party payroll posting (i.e. running RPCALCU00 with U500 schema where it picks up remitted wt posting to balance sheet account with the smallest sequence number, e.g. remitted wt 1234 is to be posted to 2 symbolic accounts, both of type balance sheet, one with seq 10, the other with seq 20 ; SAP would only remit one with sequence 10 . However, this is change in the new 3rd party posting (RPRUME00) where it pick up all .