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system start failure

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Hi Everybody.

My NW2004s components BW3.0 system can not work now

when I start it,the ABAP workprocess are all ended.

My db is oracle,version ,and is started successfully

there is no any error info in alert.log too.

The error info in dev_w0.log as follow:


Starting user session (con_hdl=0,svchp=06E46B68,srvhp=06E568F4,usrhp=06E9FC18)

C *** ERROR => OCI-call 'OCISessionBegin' failed with rc=28000

[dboci.c 4500]

C Detaching from DB Server (con_hdl=0,svchp=06E46B68,srvhp=06E568F4)

C *** ERROR => CONNECT failed with sql error '28000'

[dbsloci.c 10948]

B ***LOG BY2=> sql error 28000 performing CON [dbsh#2 @ 1204] [dbsh 1204 ]

B ***LOG BY0=> ORA-28000: the account is locked [dbsh#2 @ 1204] [dbsh 1204 ]

B ***LOG BY2=> sql error 28000 performing CON [dblink#3 @ 431] [dblink 0431 ]

B ***LOG BY0=> ORA-28000: the account is locked [dblink#3 @ 431] [dblink 0431 ]

M ***LOG R19=> ThInit, db_connect ( DB-Connect 000256) [thxxhead.c 1426]

M in_ThErrHandle: 1

M *** ERROR => ThInit: db_connect (step 1, th_errno 13, action 3, level 1) [thxxhead.c 10240]

LOCATION SAP-Server sndev_SBW_01 on host sndev (wp 0)

M * ERROR ThInit: db_connect

M PfStatDisconnect: disconnect statistics


M ThCallHooks: call hook >ThrSaveSPAFields< for event BEFORE_DUMP

M *** ERROR => ThrSaveSPAFields: no valid thr_wpadm [thxxrun1.c 720]

M *** ERROR => ThCallHooks: event handler ThrSaveSPAFields for event BEFORE_DUMP failed [thxxtool3.c 260]

M Entering ThSetStatError

M ThIErrHandle: do not call ThrCoreInfo (no_core_info=0, in_dynp_env=0)

M Entering ThReadDetachMode

M call ThrShutDown (1)...

M ***LOG Q02=> wp_halt, WPStop (Workproc 0 6148) [dpnttool.c 327]


Any ideas any suggestions will be much appreciated

Thanks very much


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Answers (1)

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Hi Wang,

It seems that your 'sbwadm' users password is changed and same is not updated in Oracle. I guess you know that sidadm user and SAP<SID> user s will have the same password. Try to change sbwadm(sidadm) user password to old one and start the server.

You can also try to unlock the user by running following command at SQL.

SQL> alter user sapsbw identified by <password> account unlock;



PS: points are welcome.