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Syst allows, using both old & new tax jurisdiction codes on PO after Vertex

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Hello All,

We have recent gone for Vertex implementation in our concern and have an interface with SAP.

Now , after the implementation, system allows me to use both old and new tax jurisdiction codes on POs. This will be an issue so can someone help me and let me know if any note has to be applied or any other solution.

Thanks in advance


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why do you differentiate between old and new tax jurisdiction codes. can you give an example?

To my knowledge the tax jurisdiction code is an official number, why would you get old numbers then just because you implemented VERTEX?

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There is difference between old and new Jurisdiction codes because as per Vertex GEO codes to SAP jurisdiction codes, there are 2 differences.

1) The first 2 characters in Vertex are the GEO numeric code (i.e. 01 = AL in SAP), and

2) There is an additional zero at the end of the jurisdiction code in SAP TTXJ table.

Example: Vertex 010030420 equals AL00304200 in SAP.



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Hi Arun,

We are facing similar issue in our project. How did you resolve this error?

Also, did you move to Vertex O from Q by any chance?

Any pointers will be appreciated.

Thank you,