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I have the problem of summarization and i try to explain my situation.

i use FS-cd and i'd like transfer G/L item to FI.

When I transfer to G/L the reconciliation keys, I need to have the open item grouped for businessa area, product group and insurance type.So I need to have this kind of grouping

Example: business area 3000, product group 01, insurance type 1

In G/L I need the total of items transferred that have businessa area 3000,product group 01 and insurance type 1; after and other group of all items transferred that have ,for example, the same businessa area and insurance type, instead the product group is 02.

Look the attachment and verify if is possible to do something.

Thanks in advance and Kind Regards

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Once you will upload the data through KCLJ, data will be staging at VVSCPOS table.After that u run the VYSPA, document get posted.All the business partner summarization will be stored at DFKKOP table and GL item grouping will be stored at DFKKOPK table.


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Hi Nagesh,

thanks for your answer.

my problem is criteria for summarization.

for example: i create 2 document in FS-CD with egual:

 Reconciliation key,

 Company code,

 Posting date,

 Document date,

 Currency,

 G/l account,

 Business area

document 1 have: product group=1 and insurance type=1 and amount 100

document 2 have: product group=2 and insurance type=2 and amount=120

i can find this information in DFKKOP table.

i close the reconciliation key and look in DFKKSUM; i find one positition with amount 220 that is the summary record.

i'd like find two different document.

if i mark 'singol document' in post document (with FPE1) i have my perfect solution.

if i create a payment plain item and i run 'Vyspa', i don't have my perfect solution.

ther is a customizing for this problem?

is it possibile insert 'the single document' flag as a default values?

do you know where is possible to insert the summarization key fields?

thank in advance


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