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Summarisation of PO history (MIGO/MIRO)

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Hello all!

I'm facing a demand I'm quite convinced I won't be able to solve with standard ways.

User told he uses tcode ME87 to summarize the PO history for scheduling agreement.

They use scheduling agreement, as old as 2012, 2013, and this makes its history of GR and IR very extense.

With tcode ME87 they can summarize it and make it faster whenever they have to access the scheduling agreement.

Problems are:

- ME87 summarizes the WHOLE content on the PO history tab, wheter it is GR, IR, Subsequent debits, etc.

- ME87 does not have an option to summarize the history by month or year. (ME86 has the option to summarize montly/yearly, anyway it doesn't summarize PO history, but scheduling agreement schedule)

1. Is there any way/other transaction to summarize only selected history? In this case, user wanted to summarize only GR and let all the IR displayed?

2. Also, is there any way to summarize the history filtered by months/year?

Thank you guys in advance.

Best regards,

Estevão Tonioli.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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1) no

2) no

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Yep, I suspected that. Thanks anyway.


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