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suitable process for a catering company to reduce the stock of consumed items without Prod.Orders

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My company requirement is the control of catering items in relation to the stock items and its consumption.

They want to use BoM, Work Center, and Master Recipes, to maintain their data. They also want to use Planned Independent Requirements in order to track the demand. (They do not want production orders to be created).

The idea is to have a plan (Planned Orders) based on the upcoming demand and as soon as that demand is covered then automatically reduced the stock items from the system (since these items were "consumed"), without creating production orders.

Lets say there is a demand (PIRs) for 1000 fish dishes. By running the MRP a planned order is created where 2000 pc of fish / 10 kg of rice / .... are necessary. Once the demand is "consumed", what would be the process to automatically reduced the stock for the items used, in this case, fish / rice / etc... without creating a production order?

For example: doing a MRP-Run > planned orders are created based on PIRs > when order has been covered, eliminate the planned order, and via MIGO remove consumed items from the storage by specifying the material/quantity/etc... 

Obviously the process described in the example is not ideal, therefore my question > Is there a suitable process how this can be achieved? 

Thank you for your input 🙂

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