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Substitution rule for payment method

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Hi Experts,

I have wrote an Substitution rule for a vendor for substituting payment method but when i put an entry through MIRO for that vendor, payment method field still shows payment method coming from payment terms.

call up point-2

prerequisite- Vendor (BSEG-LIFNR) and Co.code(BSEG-BURKS)

Substitution- Pay. Method (BSEG-ZLSCH)

Prerequisite- vendor = 100005 and co.code=1991

Substitution- Pay. Method= T

I have assigned the substitution in OBBH. I simulated the substitution and it works for the 1st line item where I have vendor and company code. The substitution fails when it goes to 2nd line as LIFNR is blank in BSEG for the subsequent line items.After posting one MIRO invoice, BSEG table has the correct payment method for 1st line item whereas for line item 2 it is blank. Also, on screen (display MIRO Invoice), it is still getting displayed from payment terms. Any ideas?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Your prerequisites are good for call up point 1 but not for every line item of a MIRO invoice (call up point 2). So either redefine prerequisites for call up point 2 or try something other than substitutions (BTE, exits). Also provide screen-shot of changed line and from MIRO invoice where it is not working properly.


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Thank you for your reply. I need to do it for a particular vendor. At call up point 1, I don't see an option of getting the vendor. I will shorty provide the screenshot.

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